Spider-Man: No Way Home vs. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse



I feel like this is going to be THE Spider-Man match-up going forward. For me personally, the phenomenal animation of Spider-Verse pushes it over the top, but I can totally see huge fans of the previous series going the other way.


Loved both, but Spider-Verse was just a tad more awesome!

Even as a massive Spider-Man fan, I don't love either of these. I can see myself re-watching No Way Home more than Spider-verse

SPOILER: I felt more during Uncle Aaron's death than Aunt May's. Even 3 movies of set up couldn't help it. Into the Spider-Verse has heart and changed my mind on Miles Morales. No Way Home couldn't even get the fan service right let alone writing a good, sensible plot. Infinity War is the last time I saw a good MCU movie, Disney has messed up Marvel movies as well.

NWH is my second fav mcu movie so far and the best spiderman movie

No Way Home beats Into the Spider-Verse both as my favorite Marvel movie and Spider-Man movie

Into the Spider Verse is my choice

Into the Spider-Verse has better humour and I really appreciate the artistic style of the animation.

Oh no. Two fantastic Spider-man mindbenders, and while I think Spiderverse will age better, No Way Home is just too good a Gen X / Milennial love letter to pass up.

A great actual film vs a juvenile virtue signaling kid cartoon? Is this even a question???

A great actual film vs a juvenile virtue signaling kid cartoon? Is this even a question???

no way home was good but its story is a bit similar to spiderverse with spidey having to return the villains instead of the other spidermen and women so spiderverse for me

No Way Home is my favorite but how on Earth is Spider-Verse a virtue signaling movie??

Constantly going back & forth between the two, but as of right now I think I prefer Spider-Verse by a hair because I think it'll hold up just a liiiitle better in a few years than NWH.

I loved NWH, it's a great Spider-Man movie in its own right, but Spider-Verse is in a different league altogether, it's everything I ever wanted in a Spider-Man movie and then some!