Spider-Man: No Way Home vs. Dune



Dune is the best film of 2021 imo. I know Marvel fans will quickly charge here and point out that NWH is, actually, the best film of the year, and I could understand feeling thathit's fast, breezy, exciting and filled with a lot of nostalgia. But Dune is on another level. The score, effects, visual pallette, sound effects, cinematography, scope and beauty of the film easily make it, for me, the best of last year in film.

Spider-Man destroys DUNE. Sorry but Dune was the equivalent of cotton candy and I didn't even make it all the way through.

dune was great but NWH is one of my fav CBMs so far

I liked Spider-Man No Way Home it but Dune is a masterpiece. The cinematography, visual effects, soundtrack, characters, plot, and directing are spot on in Dune.

Spidey wins, though Dune was great...