Spider-Man: No Way Home vs. Eternals




The last two films! Spider-Man crushes Eternals is good though.


Eternals was boring shite.

No way home number 1# Spider-Man of the year, eternals is utter crap whole bad movie

No Way Home smashes Eternals!

Eternals is such trash. This is the match up of how you do a great film (No Way Home) and how you do a convoluted mess no one can connect with (Eternally Bad) Honestly, No Way Home could be an Oscar nominee and I fully expect Eternals to win the Razzie for worst picture.

Eternals isn’t trash, but it is the third worst Marvel Studio’s production, No Way Home is my favorite Marvel movie of all time

Eternals really is THAT bad. This could literally be the best movie of 2021 vs the worst. Not just comic book movie but overall.

No Way Home isn't exactly a great movie but it was entertaining and fun and was an improvement upon it's predecessors.

Third best MCU movie vs the third bottom IMO. Spider-Man wins