Thor: Ragnarok vs. The Dark Knight Rises



Without question Thor's number three film crushes Rises. Not even a contest. Most people HATED TDKR and it ended what is generally considered by most to be the overrated nolan trilogy on the worst note possible. Whereas Thor's trilogy finished with its best effort.

Of course, Thor comes up significantly short, most intelligent cinephiles agree that Nolan's magnificent trilogy soundly trounces anything else in the CBM genre by quite a large margin and is constantly ranked among the all-time classic threequels (LOTR and Original Star Wars) for too many reasons to count.

Thor delivered the far better trilogy. Not even a contest.

Thor Ragnarok. Though I am a Nolan fan, Thor 3 beats TDKR. However, both Batman Begins and TDK are superior to Thor and Thor 2. So Nolan's TDK trilogy is superior to Thor's.

Thor Ragnarok is that sensational amazing moments more than that flawed Dark Knight Rises is.

About time I weighed in on the Squaremaster vs Marvelites debate. As most would agree, both sides are guilty of rabid fanboyism, but the reason I'd put Square one step above the Marvelites is because it makes sense to be a fan of one author's vision. Square's love of Nolan is unhealthy, fanatical, misguided – all that rings true, but it's defensibly sincere in that it springs from a single consistent source guiding writing, directing, production and other aspects of film-making. When Square sits down to watch a Chris Nolan movie, he can be reasonably sure of enjoying it on account of the shot composition, thematic content, narrative devices and stylization unique to an auteur like Chris Nolan. What's more difficult to understand is how someone can like a film simply because their favorite superhero is in them – and this pretty much sums up the Marvelites' allegiance to MCU. It doesn't matter who the director is, who the writer is, in which direction the story is being taken, whether the film can stand on its own artistic merits or exists just as a cash-grab set-up for bigger projects in the future – all Marvel movies HAVE to be awesome. After a while this kind of loyalty becomes hard to believe, and hard to bear as well, though Square is no saint either.

Ragnarok was great. TDKR sucked to high heaven. Next...

I stated this once and will do so once more: Marvel movies are as deep as a focking puddle. Anyone one who pretends they aren't is in my a view either a troll or a halfwit. These movies only purpose is to sell the cotton candy of cinema to moronic kids. That leaves tdkr unequivocally superior to them.

Thor: Ragnarok is both smart and fun. DKR was about as smart as a first grader and about as fun as an old age home.

Thor Ragnarok was far awesome better trilogy while Dark Knight Rise certainly often failed of a flawed let down of a trilogy but Thor Ragnarok just hammers TDKR in every way, TDKR was far the worst!

Ragnarok is far watchable as it is and while as TDKR isn’t.

why the fuck is rises and joker so damn hated in the website wtf

Maximum watchability vs unproven overrated, Ragnarok easily edged here...

rises isn't overrated wtf you mean it was hated by almost everyone here

The Dark Knight Rises. Better plot, villain, soundtrack, and acting.

I love what Christopher Nolan did with the Dark Knight trilogy but I feel that THOR: RAGNAROK holds together better as a standalone film, not to mention the fact that is is much better than the two films that came before it.

Who even want to consider TDKR will be yet the greatest installment of the franchise mostly forgettable disappointment boring ending, Thor Ragnarok is yet the bestest pure awesomeness of it’s franchise clearly.

Thor Ragnarok admit to be the best third film to the standard MCU, TDKR is generally disappointing ended consuming flawed.

ofc how the fuck do you surpass the dark knight

Above to one of those third films presume to be the best installment which was Thor that didn’t get any flawed with no major cliffhanger off cuts for even more gets it’s goal to achieve films for the greater that has gotten far.

Thor wins...just so much fun....

LOL dude just called ragnarok flawless gtfo

In fact there’s no way that rises is really that far superior anything it competes which far Thor 2 is obviously the far superior rewatchable complete film of the MCU collection saga.

The darker tone of the Dark Knight movies is great, but entertainment-wise it doesn't hold up to the fun and over-the-top Thor Ragnarok

Flaws and all Thor Ragnarok is way better than the crapfest known as Dark Knight Fizzles.

LMAO cxfate called thor 2 the far superior rewatchable lmao don't even

TDKR stomps. These Marvel socks are hilarious, same typing..

Who wants to even care about about the dull bad forgettable rises in this whole way Thor Ragnarok by far.

Thor Ragnarok is gathered to be the funniest best entertainment action of the MCU saga and beyond far superior, the dark knight rises is definitely the worst disappointing of the Nolan trilogy, this is no competition here.

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I really like Thor Ragnarok, it is a really fun and entertaining film that actually made Thor a really likable character. However, The Dark Knight Rises is a superior film. The acting, cinematography, villain, and soundtrack are all better in The Dark Knight Rises. It was a solid conclusion to the Nolan trilogy. Ragnarok is still amazing though.

Why is there anybody go for TDKR, it is just nonsense, Thor Ragnarok is only further far superior.

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Why there are more concerns in here, Thor Ragnarok is way superior imo.

TDKR is incredibly such bad terrible of it’s while way flawed it is.

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The Dark Knight Rises ANNIHILATES this stupid piece of shit that even thor 1 and 2 are better than

Thor Ragnarok once more.

There’s even more multiable comments that why people keeps mounting over and over that now it’s getting more annoyed of that, rises is generally far disappointing in every way it is.

Thor Ragnarok is a garbage film that's even worse than Thor 1 and 2 which makes it the worst trilogy ever

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Two user people who keep mounting same and same that are so dumb.

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Two loser stupid idiot voting for one bad forgotten bad film ever of a end trilogy.

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Why this keeps being more wasting again and again.

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Critics, audience, awards, polls everyone voted for TDKR. Only on this site we have Marvel fanboys making multiple accounts to let their movie win.

on imdb rises has a better rating and votes than every marvel films

also @mdimmock63 im not even voting for the movie im just arguing with that @thecrackers guy who follows me and throws insult at me at every tdkr thread

and also i voted for infinity war and iron man 1 in their thread against tdkr im not biased like you and @thecrackers

Going with marvel always over DC anywhere for sure.

Thor Ragnarok is obviously the best third film of all, TDKR is not.

Rises is still overloaded let down that doesn’t make anything progress good to get the ranking higher here.

Rises is the far underrated film of the saga

We have to agree on that.

We need to agree above Thor Ragnarok is nearly the watchable best third complete film of the standard franchise.

We need to agree above Thor Ragnarok is nearly the watchable best third complete film of the standard franchise.


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we don't need to agree cause thor ragnarok is a fucking garbage that noobpb17 and krick64 and mazevents and mdimmock63 like to lick on everyday which even thor 1 and 2 is better than this unfunny garbage that doomed thor trilogy

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ragnarok endLame and trash panther are the overrated worst movies of the mcu

TDKR is terrible in a whole way.

Most of DCEU is overrated junk.

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TRASHnarok is more overrated and even worse than Thor 1 and 2

Ragnarok isn’t trash, rises is trash.

You can’t suggest DCEU is the best among all source ridiculous

You can’t suggest MCU is old of trash

It clearly isn’t, DCEU is load of garbage