Thor: Ragnarok vs. Casino Royale



I’m having a tough time. My gut is saying Bond but I could watch Ragnarok every day. I guess I’ll give the edge to Casino Royal.

My dislike for Casino Royale my have eased off a bit (a bit) but, my God, I can still hear all of that breathtakingly bad dialogue. Oof, the pain. The cringe.

Casino Royale is nothing short of masterful! Better than any movie Marvel has ever made!

Casino Royale was pretty dull if I'm being honest. It really failed to catch my attention and have I expected for a great movie. Now Ragnarok was some fun.

Ragnarok is mostly superior watchable entertainment as mainly does.

Not a big James bond fan either so easily ragnarok.

Matchups that this site was made for. Casino Royale is the more serious option, but Ragnarok is sooo fun… I’ll give the slight edge to Marvel


No disrespect for the entertaining Thor but Casino Royale was the better watch.

Gotta go Thor...but this is a tough one...

Gotta go with Bond on this one

I've changed to Bond. Its a better film with a better story, despite Thor Ragnarok being such a fun time. I don't know if I'd take that many other Bond films over Ragnarok, as Casino has become my favourite.

Can't even call this fair, Ragnarok is a cringe, trashy movie that ruined Thor, definitely belongs in one of the worst movies ever made. Casino Royale is a great Bond reboot, it easily wins here.

Ragnarok cringe? I mean I find it overrated but wow it's easily the best Thor movie. Casino Royale wins here no doubt