Thor: Ragnarok vs. Thor



Awesome. As good as the origin was, how many third films can say that they are better than the first? Here's one that can.

Agreed. Taika Waititi is a madman.

Disagreed. Thor is bland and poorly acted. Rangarok is terribly flawed as well. Unfunny jokes, overuse of CGI, generic story and no substance. It’s basically forgotten now and the first is very unskippable as well. Who wins? Rangarok at least has cool sequences and great acting. The original is a bland fish out of water comedy-thing with Hemsworth and Portman phoning it in.

Thor's cast is as good as it gets for any type film, comic book or otherwise. Loved the first with a true Shakespearean flavor but Ragnarok is just so damn good itself.

Both very well crafted it's true but have to go the balls out action of Ragnarok.

The third one by far.


I love them both. 3 wins.

Both are fantastic, but Ragnarok wins...

Thor god of thunder beats Thor god of jokes.

Number 3 easy.