Thor: Ragnarok vs. Logan



Funny vs serious? Depends on the day, I guess. Both films were very enjoyable. I think I liked Logan just a bit better though.

Two of the best movies of the year for sure. I'll take Thor because Logan was just so very grim.

The two best superhero films of 2017? Maybe but despite different tones Ragnarok is the better movie experience.

I agree with Bobert. Logan is great, but it's a bleak one. Thor: Ragnarok wins.

Logan was slightly funnier, not even joking more people laughed at Logan's comedic moments in my theater than in Thor Ragnarok. Logan was a somber exploration into religion, family, aging, death and how a life of killing affects people. Logan, Spider-man Homecoming and Wonder Woman were all movies that defined the characters we know and love. Logan is a warrior who has lost his purpose due to his nigh-immortal life-span, a man fighting for nothing and permanently damaged by his life of killing. This was best illustrated in the scene where he looks at his dog-tags, and the scene where he wakes up alone in the desert. Logan, Professor X and X-23 are all characters trying to escape their sinful past but ultimately stumbles as society continues to oppress them. X-23 is the only character who can still achieve redemption out of the three characters, as Logan and Charles died before they got to retire peacefully. Who exactly is Thor? Is he a wisecracking brute or an honorable warrior? That's not to say Thor Ragnarok did not have depth, it just felt more like another inconsequential fun adventure in Marveland more than anything. Yeah the movie was a lot of fun and was pretty unique, but Logan was the more complete experience.

Loved both and have to say both are the best of the year. I simply like Thor's balance more than Logan's dark take.

Thor Ragnarok was barely a good movie

Thor Ragnarok is best of 2017.

Thor: Ragnarok is more rewatchable and satisfying. But Logan is simply too good

Tough call. Both have merit yet both get overrated by overlooking their big flaws. One too serious and the other too joke-filled.

logan beats ragnarok as the best CBM of 2017