Thor: Ragnarok vs. X-Men: Days of Future Past



Battle of great squels have to go with Thor. Better action and more heart.

I liked Ragnarok but Days of Future Past blows it away

Fox's X-men produced better quality cinema than anything the solo studio ever did, NOT looking forward to the Disney purchase.

Rangarok is average but DOTF is how a superhero movie should be! I too aren’t looking forward to the purchase. It seems like X-Men is the only cinematic universe doing things right!

Rangarok is as good as it gets. It's making most people's "best of the year list" for a reason. DOTF isn't exactly chopped liver either. Both are how a superhero movie should be done.

days of the future past is better

Enjoy Ragnarok less and less. Jokes undercut the great action.

days of future past is a good movie, can't say that for ragnajoke

Days of future past by far

Ragnarok wins for me...

there is admiring that xmen calling it simple better in a whole entire way since thor is far the ambitious superhero movie