The Street Fighter vs. Street Fighter II : The Animated Movie



Awesome! I swear I didn't make this one happen. My 9-year-old self loved SFII about 13 years ago (anime, cool fights, boobies...what more could a kid want?). I haven't seen the whole thing in some time, but even if it was fresh in my mind, I think I'd pick Chiba. Terry Tsurugi's too bad a bad mother to lose this fight.

Whoa! OK, I remember when I first saw SFII. I was about 14, and though I enjoyed aspects of the movie, I was also a pretentious elitist at that age so, yeah, I wouldn't have said the movie was good. Over the years I've come to love that movie more and more and, well, my love of the SF franchise as a whole has blossomed too (spent two nights streaming the SSF4 AE Evolution Championships from Vegas and I'm hoping to go to the UK equivalent in person in a few weeks to get my ass kicked). I also remember seeing a set of Sonny Chiba films around about the same time and I, being said snob, was hating on Chiba even before the first movie started. Thought he was a wannabe, hack Bruce Lee (probably cause of the pants, I dunno). Haven't rewatched The Street Fighter since but I think it's time I did, now that I'm more grounded.

Yeah, I'd give it another watch. It's not a great movie by any means and it doesn't compare to, say, Fist of Fury in the fight scene department. But it IS fun and Chiba's such a dick in it that you can't help but like him. As for Street Fighter, the video game, my kid brother showed me a vid of this Japanese guy absolutely OWNING some other dude with Ken. So, as nerdy as it is, I think I'm getting into these SF tournaments, myself.

I'm guessing it was Daigo Umehara's famous 'Full Parry' on Chun-Li. Yep, that's pretty much why I got back into SF... but I pretty much like anything to do with sports/games/competition... which is why I've always loved MA so much, just the idea of showcasing one's skills.

That's the one, yeah. About showcasing skills - is that why you tend to shy away from wire-assisted stuff?

Yeah, that's it. It's just unecessay in most films; why make Wong Fei Hung fly if it's more of a marvel to watch the actor pull out a quadruple flashkick or a swipeknife or something? I get it movies like The Matrix and I mostly forgive it in movies like Crouching Tiger but beyond that... bah. Not saying there isn't the potential for a great deal of skill in it though.