Kingsman: The Secret Service vs. Avengers: Age of Ultron



I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I thought Kingsman: The Secret Service was puerile garbage. Even the so-so Avengers: Age of Ultron crushes it hard.

Caesar was right. Kingsman was garbage as hell. It is the same league of Kick-Ass.


I am on neither the majority, or the minority. I don't think Kingsman is either awesome, neither it is garbage, I think of it as just pretty good. Frankly tho, I liked it more than Age Of Ultron, which is slowly saddening me in its dissapointment more and more.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron and it's not even close.

Kingsman of course....AOU dialogues were mediocre

Kingsman by far

Avengers by a ton. Kingman is a brain damaged insult.

I can't even imagine picking AOU in this matchup. It was overlong, overcrowded, and stale. Kingsman was fun, new, and lively.

Slight edge to Avengers.

Kingsman by a landslide. There was a great story to Kingsman, and it was a perfect homage to the spy genre. Age of Ultron was pretty entertaining with the action, especially in the hulk buster scene, but it wasn't as cleverly executed as in Kingsman. I walked into Kingsman expecting a shitty action flim with shitty teenage actors and walked out considering it as one of the most entertaining experiences from a movie I've ever seen. I walked into Age of Ultron expecting an okay marvel movie and walked out considering it an above-average marvel movie. Plus the end scene I felt wasn't that nice, and left a bad taste in my mouth. I can understand why the hulk couldn't be there but with the others it just felt like it was setting up for another mediocre marvel cashgrab set of five movies each consecutive year. Not to mention Kingsman was smartly written and knew what it was while Age of Ultron felt like a rip off of another AI film with the marvel characters added to it.

On further thought, Kingsman gets the edge


Avengers if you're over 16 years old. It's far superior actual entertainment. Kingsman is juvenile violence for violence sake.

liked both for alot of different reasons but Avengers had some heart and the better villain!

Marvel is a special kind of awful. Meaningless light-heartedness has its place. Not all art has to be serious or angst or complex or anything. Except, every Marvel movie is so generic and CGI heavy that it feels almost unnatural to watch. Like it was tested a thousand times before it was released. Almost like a computer programmed to inflict emotion on its viewers. It's hard to create compelling cinema when your main intentions invovle lame jokes, colours, mind numbing action and having to set up universes instead of character progression, substance, etc. Kingsman, on paper, sounds like meaningless light-heartedness with some extreme action; but, in this reviewers opinion, it's rare gem of a perfect modern day blockbuster. The unique story, sense of adventure and the great villain with real motivations makes it a great film. And theres a lot of soul. Eggsy's coming of age story, his family issues, his struggles and his relationship with Harry makes him a very compelling character. Oh, and there's those magnificent training sequences


Eagleskywalker87 is right on target on why I prefer Kingsman over the overhyped Avengers sequel.