Kingsman: The Secret Service vs. Kingsman: The Golden Circle



They're both kinda bad, but for different reasons. The first one is chocked full of trying-too-hard lewdness and stupidity, but at least it's decently paced. The sequel eased up on the vulgar stuff, but the damn thing goes on forever and ever and ever. Ultimately, the second one made me roll my eyes less, so I guess that's the one I favor. The Matthew Vaughn that made X-Men: First Class needs to make a comeback, though.

The first one is as perfect as a blockbuster can be! It's stylish, ambitious and the characters are so well developed and the world is set up very well! I've been waiting for years now to see the characters back in more adventures and the second one gave me what I wanted! The characters are rememberable and in full form, I loved the Statesman (although, I was a little worried), the action is exciting and well shot and there's the certain kind of charm that you want from a Kingsman movie while still holding a sense of adventure and having its own story! Who wins? I will take the first because of the excellent training sequences. There's also more heart and substance and the villain is a lot better (Julianne Moore feels very distinct from the rest of the movie and I wasn't a fan of her performance but at least there was a very interesting henchman!).

Kingsman 2 is alot of fun, but the first one is just better

Almost certainly the first one. While neither are great movies, the first at least had a cheeky-send-up style that made for a wildly crowd-pleasing movie, whereas the other one is overlong, overstuffed, and still manages to feel thin.

I enjoyed both. I really didn't want to like the Kingsman, but it is a fun twist on a genre that is completely overplayed in cenima. That being said, I thought the second film.would fall flat, and it certainly did not. In fact, outside of the fact that it ruaans long, in many ways it feels like the better film.

I rewatched both last night and still the first! It gets better and better with each viewing! The second one has dropped. Still good and has great characters and cool action but the villain, the second act, the lack of emotion and the fact that key moments aren’t earned really hurt the film. The franchise still hasn’t came into its own. The first is a Bond tribute and is brilliant in that aspect and has elements that makes it stand above that identity but the second is a Kingsman sequel that does everything a Kingsman sequel should but nothing more! Secret Service: 10/10 Golden Circle: 6/10

Anyone that thinks either one of these crapfests are "great" has serious brain damage.

I love the first movie. I've seen it a number of times and I've had a blast every time. The Golden Circle, on the other hand, is a weird, bloated mess of a movie and I really can't fathom how the same creative team behind the first movie churned out the sequel.

Watched them back to back. Loved the first one, but was underwhelmed by the second one.


The original was sharp and entertaining and the sequel was an embarrassing mess.

The original is better in pretty much every single way