Slumdog Millionaire vs. The Dark Knight



both pretty amazing...

I gotta go with The Dark Knight. Maybe I'm biased as a Batman fan. Maybe it's because it's the best screen villain we've seen since.....well, who knows since when? And maybe it's because I'm a guy who likes action more. I don't know. But I didn't think Slumdog was as great as everyone said it was. I do like it, though, don't get me wrong.

I honestly thought Slumdog was severely overrated. It's sweethearted, and at times involving, but overall it feels jumbled, the acting isn't that great, the plot (when you really boil it down) is kind of stupid, and the ending was ridiculous (that last scene was like the screenwriter didn't know what the last line should be so he threw in, like, four of them and they were all cheesier than the ones before). I really felt like it was my least favorite of the films that got nominated for Best Picture in 2008 (Milk was my favorite, followed by Frost/Nixon, Benjamin Button, and Slumdog. I haven't seen The Reader yet), and I definitely thought The Dark Knight was a better, more engrossing film.

Easy, Dark Knight is just so much more and so much better than Slumdog Millionaire. SM is a good movie, but The Dark Knight is an all around masterpiece.

Yes, there were better films in 2008 than 'Slumdog Millonaire' but I personally think it beats 'The Dark Knight', as each time I've gone back to 'Knight' it gets a little harder to rewatch. All the focus was put on the Joker and Two-Face leaving the viewer with more of a villian movie than anything. Which is fine and an intriging choice, I just think it makes it loss a good deal of its inital impact, while 'Slumdog' has grown on me more and more and I really connect with the leads.

Wow, Flickchart must've wanted me to rethink that as I was given the same matchup instantly. Lol

Slumdog Millionaire's sappy ending detracts too much from it for me to take it over The Dark Knight, or any of its fellow 2008 Oscar nominees for that matter.

I actually thought dark knight was overrated, got to go with slumdog...

I have to choose Slumdog Millionaire,The Dark Knight was enjoyable,but Slumdog was Incredible imo.

Slumdog may not be a masterpiece, but its damn close to be one

The Heath Ledger/Joker hype unfortunately overshadowed Aaron Eckhart's fine turn as Harvey Dent. Still, while I appreciate the allegorical value of the cell phone/SONAR technology, it just doesn't work for me within the movie. Conversely, I have to say that "Slumdog" did something unique: it made me actually care about whether or not there was a happy ending for the main characters. It's fashionable to slam the movie as "overrated" and "undeserving" of its awards, but I tip my hat to a movie that gets me that invested.

TDK destroys Slumdog. Everytime.

Slumdog is a piece of shit. A 'chaiwala' that can track all the poignant points of his life through the questions on a pissy quiz-show? A runt that goes on Millionaire on the odd chance some average looking girl might see him again? Not for the money? TDK might not be the most elaborate essay on the human condition but at least it's not an insult to the human psyche.

tough call. dark night wins because it's so much more thrilling

The Dark Knight is a great sequel the new Batman series. Heath Ledger does a fantastic job playing the crazy villain Joker and Christain Bale does a good job playing the caped crusader. But for me the awesome story of Slumdog Millionaire is so great and heart warming. Slumdog makes you feel bad for Jamal for being an orphan and poor but even through all the crap in his life he still tries to find is childhood love Latika. It is a great movie with awesome music and the best ending ever!!! Slumdog all the way!

I reckon I enjoyed Slumdog more than Dark Knight, but in saying that the performance by Heath Ledger was better than all the performanes in slumdog put together. It's a tough one to call...

I like Slumdog Millionaire, I really do but it doesn't match The Dark Knight when it comes to the cast, story, themes, depth, character or sheer entertainment.

Dark Knight. The tone and atmosphere it creates is like nothing else. Oh and it's got explosions too. I like Slumdog, but I also feel it's a bit overrated, too "cute". Which is weird to say considering the things that go on, but that's what I think. I much prefer Danny Boyle's "127 Hours". 127 Hours VS Dark Knight would make me think for a while.

Both masterpieces, and neither director can go wrong nowadays in my eyes (I0'm willing to forgive Danny Boyle for his past romantic comedy blunders). But TDK is simply too big, too well done, too thrilling and too well acted by nearly all involved to be ignored. SLUMDOG is the better date movie, though.

Slumdog Millionaire = Perfect The Dark Knight = Better Than that

Slumdog Millionaire is a good film. The Dark Knight is a brilliant film.

The Dark Knight easily.

l choose the best film of 2008.

both important movies that I hold dear to my heart, but The Dark Knight is the one I enjoyed more.

I had Slumdog higher than TDK before looking at this VS...but I just couldn't keep it that way. TDK rallies for the win...

Both films will probably forever be in my top 100...with The Dark Knight always ranked higher.

2 incredible films. The only reason I choose the Dark Knight is because I've seen it more and enjoy it every time.

Dark Knight is just to awesome.

What a terrible shame The Dark Knight didn't win Best Picture Oscar of 2008 (let alone get nominated :o). The competition was so scarce that year, you would think they wouldn't snub one of the defining comic book films of our time. For my money the only film that came close to TDK that year is WALL-E.

The Dark Knight is my number one.

I absolutely agree with robmovieiflms13.


Both are phenomenal and both are in my top 50;I love The Dark Knight just a LIL more.

Hey, probably the two most overrated movies of 2008! Well, at least TDK is fucking Batman, not just some random crap.

The Dark Knight is about to get Slumdoged

2 greats from the wonderful year of 2008 and I'm going to choose Slumdog on this one but of coarse The Dark Knight is fantastic

I honestly didn't get the Slumdog hype. It's sappy, fantastical, mawkish and manipulative. Milk was a far better film. Nolan's Dark Knight touches on deeper and darker philosophical themes that most hollywood film don't dare to go near. I think here the Dark Knight wins by a distance.

I will go with slumdog millionaire though the dark knight was my second favorite movie of 2008

The Dark Knight in every cinematic aspect

The Dark Knight has some really bad dialogue at times, and feels bloated. I've seen it many times and still like it, but other than Ledger and the direction(cinematography, editing, etc.), it's just a good film, nothing special. Slumdog is no masterpiece either, but it's a more original and involving film for me personally.

Dark Knight absolutely crushes Slumdog in every way

Yeah, the plot for Slumdog is very ridiculous and the direction at times is terrible. It's still decent in how it plays out but nothing in that movie is as well executed as anything in the Dark Knight!

TDK should've gotten the Best Picture nomination instead of Slumdog

Slumdog Millionaire has an amazing instrumental score as well as some of the best cinematography and editing I've seen in a film. But it will never beat The Dark Knight because of Heath Ledger, the sound design and the amazing action sequences. I'm puzzled why Slumdog won Best Picture. But WALL-E is the best film of 2008 and my favorite film of all time but The Dark Knight wins the competition over Slumdog Millionaire.