Constantine vs. Spider-Man 3



I actually enjoyed Constantine. Spider-Man 3 on the other hand...disaster.


Spider-Man 3 at least had good source material.

Wow. I'm so sorry I had to do this to you Keanu.

Crap vs. crap! Such a tough decision.

I'm giving this one to Spider-Man 3. Watching Constantine was a thoroughly unpleasant experience. Spider-Man 3 was no picnic either, but it's at least about characters I know and love.

spider man 3 is so mindbogglingly stupid it's enjoyable.Constantine was enjoyable for much better reasons.

Constantine wasn't my cup of tea, as I found the whole thing a bit too hard to get into, but its heart was in the right place, and if you could look past some of the more glaring flaws, there's a decent movie underneath. Spiderman 3, wee it killed that whole series, and I can't really say I blame them.