Return of the Living Dead III vs. Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis



I was irritated with Return Of The Living Dead 3 because the zombie chick with razor fingers was totally wasted. On the poster, she looks like some badass killing machine, but she barely does much of anything except for seem pitiful. However, Necropolis introduces two zombie badasses (who resemble badass-ified Borg) that barely do anything, either. Why?! Looking like a badass isn't the same as being one. Do something! Necropolis is dumber and more boring than part #3 in most every regard, and really seems altogether pointless. I'm not saying #3 has much reason to exist, either, but Necropolis is pretty much just lackluster action scenes with no dramatic impact of any kind. #3 is kind of a downer, but the characters at least had some human qualities to identify with. Nothing that happened in Necropolis meant anything at all because none of the characters meant anything. Totally generic zombie crap.