Easy A vs. Juno



High school sex scandals abound. Diablo Cody won an Oscar yet Bert V. Royal's script is much funnier and wittier. Emma Stone is clever and hip without going overboard like Ellen Page at times does. Easy A is much superior to Juno.

Yes, Easy A is miles better than Juno (assuming that we're ok with measuring artistic superiority with units of geographic distance). I can only echo the words of WillH, Emma Stone was a thoroughbred knockout. As someone who believes that chicks can't really do the 'funnies' I was very surprised by Emmas Stone's ability to deliver wit, slickness and nonchalance all at once. You know if I discounted sex appeal and looks, Emmas Stone would be my favourite actress (not that she's not sexy, just not as sexy as some of her less talented peers). Definitely one of 2010's best films.

Easy A hands down without even a thought triumphs over Juno. Emma Stone is a comedic genious and the film as a whole had you laughing throughout.

Easy A is infinitely more rewatchable and entertaining that Juno. and i love Juno a lot, but Easy A is way ahead of it, with some of the most hearty laughs I've gotten from any movie in a long time, and it has a supporting cast that just beats Juno's. They're both great, but Easy A wins because it in an entirely different galaxy. Easy A wins!

Ellen Page's great acting and better story puts Juno on top of Easy A.

Juno was alright, but I enjoyed more of Easy A's supporting performances. Olive's parents and teacher were hilarious.

Two just massively overrated movies in my book. Not a real fan of either...

I'd take Juno a million times over Easy A. What a piece of trash that turned out to be.

I'm glad to see I was not the only one who thought that Juno was overrated, and enjoys Easy A a lot, though I never thought about comparing the two. I suppose it comes down to the fact that the Juno persona is obnoxious, and her friends were kind of idiots, while Emma Stone's character was...someone I'd ask out for a date.

Ironically the movie about fake-losing your virginity is hotter than the movie about actually losing it.

Easy A sucked, Juno was enjoyable.

Juno is wonderful, but a bit heavy on the indie vibe. Easy A is Emma Stone at her best...

I wasn't too crazy about either one. I definitely liked Easy A more and Emma Stone is always great in her films.