Solaris vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



2001 versus the Russian 2001. Kubrick is just the better director. Love Solaris on the whole, but Tarkovsky has a penchant for drawing scenes out too far. Though, admittedly, only one scene was drawn out to the point where it irritated me at all.

No way, Solaris was not the Russian 2001. One sees space exploration as an extension of western expansion, the other sees it as a harmful and willful separation from "god". One is emotionally distant and rather cold, the other is intimate and psychological. Solaris is far better.

2001...the original Soloaris is just too much of a drag...

so hard... this pick its just matter of taste, both have a very deep message, awesome directors, and incredibly original stories. However, I must say that Solaris and manny of Tarkovski's movies affected my style and my way of making film!

Thematically, Solaris has the more interesting story, but 2001: A Space Odyssey's story is told in a more interesting manner. Andrei Tarkovsky's work demands so much of the audience's patience, I can't help but find it rather selfish and unreasonable (not to mention, self-defeating). Now, Stanley Kubrick could be rather indulgent himself, just not to the degree of Tarkovsky. Like Solaris, many scenes in 2001: A Space Odyssey are drawn out far too long. However, I at least understand the rationale for the length of those scenes, so they don't bother me quite as much as Solaris's. Kubrick's film is simply less flawed and more watchable, so I'd have to deem it the better movie.

2001 but not by much

I don't know maybe Solaris will be like 2001 and improve with repeat viewings, but as of now this isn't close.

Love both but 2001 is my all time favorite sci fi movie

Solaris, but not by much. Solaris doesn't make sense, man! 2001 make sense.

Solaris is great but 2001 is flawless, it's the greatest film that has ever been made in my opinion.

Solaris should win this match up, it has more complex characters, a more interesting storyline, and is shot beautifully. Unfortunately, it is an hour and a half longer than it needs to be and only manages to scrape the surface of that story, because EVERY SINGLE SHOT is at least twice as long as necessary. 2001 is indulgent in places too, but never to a point that I grew frustrated like with Solaris.

i prefer tarkovsky to kubrick, but kubrick's best beats tarkovsky's worst

2001 Space Odyssey by a light year.

2001 by far. 2001 is one of the best films of all time. Solaris is good but it isn't even Tarkovsky's best film. There's so much I can write about. But it should be enough to tell you how awful even the rocket launching scene is, or to say how lame the use of Japan as a future portrayal.

Both films were made by the devil as instruments of punishment against mankind.

Let this be our final battle

Solaris is a solid film by Tarkovsky, but it definitely feels a lot like 2001. Unfortunately, it's nowhere near as philosophically rich and powerful as 2001: A Space Odyssey.