Commando vs. Rambo: First Blood Part II



I have to go with Rambo.

Aside from the "Murdock... I'm coming to get you!" scene in First Blood Part II, it doesn't even come close to the relentlessly awesome Commando. The killing spree at the end of Commando outdoes anything in First Blood Part II, and Schwarzenegger is way more charismatic than Stallone.

Damn, both films are just so much fun. John Rambo vs. John Matrix would probably the most amazing fight the world has ever seen, a battle between the two most unstoppable one-man armies of all time. I have no idea who would win, but it would be the ultimate show. As for the films, I think I'll pick Rambo II for now because it offers a more serious plot. But as Commando is one of those flicks that gets better with every viewing, my choice might be different next time.

Commando by a mile. The Rambo series is complete garbage apart from First Blood.


Commando is awesome...Rambo II, on the other hand...


Commando for me