Mission: Impossible - Fallout vs. Kingsman: The Secret Service



And the best action spy movie of the decade is... Kingsman!

Kingsman for greater action (Fallout made me realize the Mission Impossible movies are less true action movies and more like heist thrillers)

Kingsman has more personality, more exciting action and a better, more original, narrative!

More tension, more character, more surprising twists, more plot, and more dazzling action sequences. Fallout is the winner for me.

Fallout is impressive for sure, but it lacks the panache of Kingsman

Gotta go Fallout...but both were great!

I loved Kingsman until the ending, which left a sour taste in my mouth. Despite it having the church fight and the skydiving sequence, I'm giving it to Fallout, my favorite one in the M:I franchise.


Kingsman has a more original plot with less generic action sequences.