Mission: Impossible - Fallout vs. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol



So, so, so freakin' close. For now, I'm gonna say Henry Cavill's killer mustache breaks the tie.

Not close at all. Ghost Protocol is the best of the franchise. Exciting situations, a great lineup of characters that work greatly together, fun dialogue and everything that happened in Dubai was incredible. Fallout, meh. It's a very bland and uninteresting film in a franchise that is anything but uninteresting. Even the worst of the franchise, M:I 2 is still incredibly fascinating in its own way. Fallout has a bland story, the characters and actors have no chance to shine (unlike Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation which both have very great and memorable characters) and there’s no tension. Henry Cavill has a killer moustache, I will give the movie that much...

Ghost Protocol has the edge but both are damn fun. The third act of Fallout hurts its credibility but not enough to bash it. Franchise is still going STRONG.


While continuing the bombastic journey of Ethan Hunt & co. in a fantastic way, Fallout just doesn't quite match Ghost Protocol, the second best in the series after the original.

These two are probably the "weakest" entries in the series, which says a lot about the quality of the other films. Fallout wins this matchup because it has the slightly better villain; the latter still being a weakness compared to the other films in the franchise, though.

I liked Fallout but if felt a little like Ghost Protocol 2.0 and I could see Henry Cavill being the actual villain from a mile away. Imo the middle part of Fallout is a little too complicated for its own good. Other than that, it is a really good movie, especially the ending, which is fantastic, but Fallout is definetely not up there with the best in the franchise. Ghost Protocol > 3 > Rogue Nation > 1 > Fallout > 2

Ghost Protocol>Fallout

Oh man....these are both tremendous...

I’m going with Fallout.

Ghost Protocol because it relies more on hand to hand combat rather then gun violence. Fallout came close though.

Fallout but GP is great too