High Fidelity vs. War of the Worlds



Ugh. This is tough! WOTW is a fantastic Spielberg movie - but High Fidelity is just awesome. Have to go with Cusack.

War Of The Worlds today. Maybe High Fidelity tomorrow.

It is Cusack all the way.


War of the Worlds was infinitely disapointing. High Fidelity is fantastic. Easy choice.

is this really happening? War of the Worlds felt so unoriginal and the ending was deliciously/pathetically full of irony. High Fidelity is made of gold

Of the two Tim Robbins movies, High Fidelity gets the nod.


The Tom Cruise epic wins.

This is wat i dont get, the global ranking of war of the worlds is 2033? on mine its like 4. The tripod scene is one of the best scenes in movie history

Im a bigger fan of john cusack than tom cruise, but have to say I enjoyed war of the worlds here more. It aint easy making an alien invasion sci fi movie that doesnt get spit at. Just look at skyline and darkest hour. Two similar movies, but were terrible hard to sit all the way through

High Fidelity without a doubt! It outclasses War of the Worlds on almost every level. The script produces some of the best written male characters in recent memory and the performances by the entire cast, particularly Cusack, are top-notch. The fact that it has a rockin' soundtrack doesn't hurt either. I found War of the Worlds to be an epic disappointment. It has a few interesting moments, but overall I felt the characters were cliches, the action was forgettable and the ending was by far one of the biggest letdowns ever - especially because it's a Spielberg movie!

Wow High Fidelity is a creative and funny movie at times it fails to compare in scope in grander to the film that is War of the Worlds.