Blazing Saddles vs. Young Frankenstein



Young Frankenstein, aaaalllll the way.

The Battle between two of the greatest comedies of all time...I choose Young Frankenstein!!!

I knew I would eventually have to face this choice. I have to go with Blazing Saddles, but only by the smallest margin.

Young Frankenstein felt to me like the classic it was meant to be when I watched it, while I felt rather indifferent to Blazing Saddles, and cannot see myself rewatching it as often as the other Mel Brooks films.

Thank goodness I don't have to also compare Spaceballs with these two.

I have to go with Young Frankenstein, because it has both the laughs and the heart.

Young Frankenstein is Brooks' best, although Blazing Saddles is just as classic.

Classic comedy match up! Almost too tough to choose but Blazing Saddles Wins!

In 1974 Blazing Saddles might have pushed more buttons and been thought of as the funnier movie, but Young Frankenstien has held up much better. Its still just as fresh and funny as it was 35 years ago.


Young Frankenstein is Brook's Comic Masterpiece. Guaranteed laughs throughout.

Brooks' best. I don't know how to decide. Blazing Saddles has the better jokes (though not by much) and some razor sharp satire of racism in both American history and American movies, but Young Frankenstein has style and character and a better story for the comedy to build on. I wish there was "draw" was an option.

i have to chime in. Young Frankenstein holds up over time better, although I may need to re-watch them back to back to be fair.

Young Frankenstein all the way. I love both movies, but I love YF more....

Mel Brooks is a director who I enjoy, but not as nearly as much as everyone else does. Young Frankenstein did nothing for me, while Blazing Saddles is easily my favorite of his.

Interesting since these movies are # 42 & 43 on my list. On any given day I could go either way. Today I say Blazing Saddles.

Pure greatness! So very hard to choose but have to give the edge to Blazing Saddles simply because it's more quotable and slightly more funny!

Young Frankenstein is a comedic masterpiece. Blazing Saddles' humor is a bit cheaper, in comparison.

I like Young Frankenstein, but I love Blazing Saddles. I think it has more laughs and is much more quotable.

Both are great but Young Frankenstein is one of the best comedies ever. The combination of Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Peter Boyle, Teri Garr, Cloris Leachman, Madeline Kahn, Kenneth Mars and Gene Hackman easily one of the best casts of all-time

How do i choose? they┬┤re both so good.

Blazing Saddles is hilarious, but I stand by opinion that Young Frankenstein is Mel Brooks' best film.

Two greatest Mel Brooks comedies and both came out the same year. Gene Wilder stars in both and is brilliant. Blazing Saddles in funnier, but Young Frankenstein in the better film. Since this list is simply favorites, not best, Blazing Saddles wins.

Two great Mel Brooks films. Two great 1974 films. Two great comedies. I'll go with Franc-en-schtein.

Never loved either...but I'll go with the Saddles...

My question is: how many people voted for Young Frankenstein because it was funnier, and how many of them just voted for it because it seemed more important? Folks, it wasn't important. Mel Brooks didn't make important movies, he made hilarious ones. And Blazing Saddles is WAY funnier, coming in just below The Producers on the funny scale.

Blazing Saddles for more satiric substance

I like them both. Probably Blazing Saddles though.