Catwoman vs. X-Men Origins: Wolverine



wolverine origins

Even Hally Berry hamming it up can't drop it below XMO.

What Wolverine Origins has going for it is that Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine, despite how awful the movie is. Halle Berry just doesn't sell it as Catwoman in the same way. There's no sense that she's struggling against an awful movie, trying to make it all make sense for us. Rather she's a part of it - truly believing that this miserable trash is a worthwhile story that she's excited to be a part of and wants us all to watch.

As awful as Origins is, certain aspects of it work, like Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds (at the beginning, that is), and a truly underrated Liev Shreiber. Nothing works in Catwoman.

I'd say that these are the two worst superhero films I've seen thus far. Maybe throw in Hancock too, I dunno. I agree with the above comment though: Hugh Jackman at least made it somewhat worthwile, even if everything surrounding him - script, other characters, effects, editing, directing, you name it - was complete and genuine shit. Halle Berry

I regret watching both of these movies, I will chose X-men Origins Wolverine it's terrible yes but Catwoman is one of the worst movies ever made, it has terrible acting, awful writing, the fight scenes were atrocious, and it has nothing to do with D.C comics, but the "Catwoman" costume she wearing the movie was really awful and insulting to look at.

Honestly, not even catwoman is that bad