The Prey vs. Magnolia



I rewatched Magnolia a short time ago, and I'd say that only part of the film held my interest. I didn't care at all about William H. Macy's story, nor did I feel particularly involved with Julianne Moore's part of the film. Pretty much just John C. Reilly and Tom Cruise's scenes were what I would call entertaining. The Prey is about a serial killer who double-crosses a bank robber, which leads to a prison break and a police manhunt. The Prey is a fairly typical chase flick with some OK action parts. It can be compared to The Fugitive in a number of ways. So... Magnolia has more to it, definitely. Not all of it worked for me, but as a whole I guess I'd rather watch it over The Prey. If only because The Prey isn't unique enough to stand out that much.