Brokeback Mountain vs. Milk



Both so gay (yay)...but I have to give it to the one that got there first.

Heath Ledger over Sean Penn and Brokeback Mountain over Milk.

I love both films, but Brokeback Mountain was just one of the best films of the decade.

Not even close for me. Aside from Penn's excellent performance, Milk leaves something to be desired in the way that it doesn't do much new or especially interesting with the biopic structure. It's well shot and put together, but largely conventional at heart. Brokeback Mountain is a story of forbidden love when looked at on a basic level, but it's emotions play so well and it's ability to pull those feelings off is a testament to the strength of its characters and the mastery of its director, who has tread in similarly dramatic waters before.

Hmm I love both a lot I think I've got to choose Brokeback Mountain

Going with the Beautiful Brokeback Mountain.

I'd rather watch gay cowboys than a gay politician.