Manchester by the Sea vs. La La Land



My two favorites of the year, and two absolute triumphs! Manchester, at the moment, by the slightest of margins.

La La Land's throwback to golden-age musicals utterly crushes Manchester by the Sea's whiny dragging melodrama

La La Land.

Manchester for now. I'll probably get to La La Land again while it's still in theaters.

Loved both but La LA Land was so cheerful and beautiful t wins!

Both in my top ten of 2016 but La La Land is higher and gets my vote here

Manchester by the Sea is pretty great, but La La Land is one of the best movies I've seen.

Manchester by the Sea is slightly better


Love them both but I will break the tie with the enchanting La La Land.

La La Land by a mile. A modern day musical with charm and a production value that is unmatched. Will become a modern classic. This generations Sound of Music. Beautifully made.

Manchester....but it's a small edge...

Drivel movies that perfectly illustrate why no one watches the Oscars any more. Award baiting is the only reason either one of these things were made.