Thor: The Dark World vs. Spider-Man 2



Two of the better sequels the genre has ever seen. To be honest, I enjoyed Thor 2 more.

Stronger emotional heft and better developed villain gives Spider-Man 2 the edge. Very disappointed with Phase 2.

Were you, Square?! I'mma so fucking surprised.

Thor 2....with ease.

Thor 2 is very good. Spider-Man 2 is better. Phase Two is off to an amazing start but Raimi hit all the right buttons with SM2.

Not a big Raimi Spidey fan, so Thor wins with ease.

I'll say Thor 2... both were great.

In all honesty, Thor 2 gets this one. Spidey 2 is way too angsty.

Spiderman 2 gets for me. Easily.

dark world is okay, spiderman 2 is amazing