Thor: The Dark World vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers



Oi, you look familiar, son.

My Precious!

Are we seriously considering this for a matchup? The Two Towers with ease, I love how some of Thor 2's elements really felt like a watered down LotR film. Thor 2 was decent, The Two Towers is a masterpiece.

For me Thor got to the point better and did it with more thrills. LOTR is great, don't get me wrong but Two Towers feels like they were stretching it at times milking the way for a three film release.

while Thor was enjoyable it had to much action and not enough store.the two towers isn't as good as the other two films in the trilogy but it was still pretty good .

The Two Towers crushes Thor.

LOTR has merit but so does the Thor trilogy. Both good in different ways.

any LOTR film >>> any thor film