Thor: The Dark World vs. The Incredible Hulk



Thor the D is marvels worst film so far.

Incredible Hulk was a piece of shit. The Dark World was at least watchable.

yeah the only reason Thor wins is cause of Loki!

Thor 2 stunk, but at least it had some originality to the story (even if it was bad), and some likeable characters. Norton's Bruce Banner is a boring fucking douchebag.

Thor: The Dark World is bad, but it's at least watchable and has some good scenes. The Incredible Hulk had literally nothing. Thor: The Dark World wins easily.

Thor: The Dark World is damn good. Very underrated. Yet, Incredible Hulk do so many things right getting the green goliath back on track.

You just gave me the two weakest MCU movies. Perfect.

I'm in the camp that thinks Dark World is better than Guardians of the Galaxy. So, of course it beats Incredible Hulk.


I really like Thor 2