As Good As It Gets vs. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest



Young Jack vs. Old Jack I know Cuckoo's Nest is the better movie but I'm going to pick the one I like to watch more often and thats As Good As It Gets, One of James L Brooks best films.

I love As Good As It Gets. Cuckoo's Nest, meanwhile, I only saw for the first time fairly recently, and more admired it as a good film than actually enjoyed it.


It's medication time and Cuckoo's Nest is the perfect antidote for the decline of cinema.

I am in complete agreement with johnmason here. As Good As It Gets and Cuckoo's Nest are movies that I just recently saw, and where I found As Good As It Gets to be completely touching, Cuckoo's was a movie that I knew was a good film, but would never personally list as it as one of my favorites.

Talk about Jack on Jack! But OFOTCN is the classic everywhere; AGAIG is simply Jack playing himself. Not to mention it logs so much in parts (though the good parts are really good). Cuckoo aaaall the way.