Forrest Gump vs. American Beauty



This is an incredible matchup. Arguably the two best films during the 90's... both won plenty of Oscar awards including Best Picture and Best Actor. This is a tough choice, but Forrest Gump is my favorite movie of all-time so...

I guess Forrest wins, because of the story itself, character development and connection with world history.

I despised "American Beauty" for its self-important pretentiousness. To be fair, I haven't seen either film since their theatrical run. How I'd vote if I re-watched them, I can't say, but I'm going with "Forrest Gump."

It's taken me over 6000 rankings, but I'm finally starting to get some real matchups! I love the style of American Beauty and I'm a big fan of Mendes and Ball (Six Feet Under!), but Gump is something I can watch any day, any time and love it. I'm glad Robert Zemeckis gave us this before he decided that motion capture was the way of the future.

i prefer American Beauty... Forrest Gump is too "sweet" for me.

Forrest Gump. It is pretty good entertainment value and features everything you want.

Agh... so tough. I watch American Beauty more frequently, but Forrest is easier to digest. Still... American Beauty wins!

Forrest. And I love American Beauty. But Forrest is just such great escapism...

American Beauty. Gump was meh. Kevin Spacey is way better than Tom Hanks.

These are my top 2 best of all time, it's so hard to choose between them but Forrest Gump for me is a movie that will always reign supreme.

Pretty close, but I'm gonna go with American Beauty.

I actually did it. American Beauty knocked off Forrest Gump to become my new #1.

AB is the best movie for me

Forrest Gump is Great but American Beauty is on another level

Forrest Gump

easy win for the man who taught Elvis how to dance GUMP all the way.

American Beauty, easily.

Beauty all the way.

American Beauty - Best of the best


Forrest Gump is too much a gimmick to win here. American Beauty is a powerful comic drama.