Forrest Gump vs. It's a Wonderful Life



Inspirational movie showdown. I think Its a Wonderful Life is the easy winner.

Wonderful life

Both had one of the best endings I have ever seen, but Forrest Gump is a better film in general

I love both films but I have to go with Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump

Both these movies have good morals and its a difficult task to choose between the two but i will go for my personal taste...its wonderful life...

It's a Wonderful Life is a flawless perfect film. Forrest Gump is good entertainment, but it's so flawed...

This is no debate. It's a Wonderful Life is the winner.

Jimmy Stewart is exactly one hundred times greater than Tom Hank. That alone means no contest here.

No contest

James Stewart is indeed better than Tom Hanks, but I easily prefer Forrest Gump in this matchup.

Fantastic matchup. Forrest Gump is quality viewing, but Wonderful Life is an ageless classic.

For some reason I thought it was Mr. Smith Goes to Washington instead of It's a Wonderful Life. So it's actually fairly close, but I'm still going with Forrest Gump.

Two touching films. Wonderful for me.

My first and second favourite movies for me, Forrest is the first because the movie IMHO teach more about value of life..

Must go Gump....

Forrest Gump has writing problems, Its a Wonderful Life is perfect in every single way.