Forrest Gump vs. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button



How can one choose between the same movie?

Put in the VHS for Forrest Gump, watch all the way through, then rewind. Now you're watching Benjamin Button.

It's the same damn movie!

The exact same movie, with the only remarkable difference being quality. BUTTON.

Is that all anyone can say about them? They may share a similar story but beyond that there are many things that make them different. I'm going with Forrest Gump because it has more humor and Forrest is a much better character than Benjamin Button.

They are both really identical but still I'll go with Benjamin Buttton.

Oh come on, people, they're not THAT identical. Watch The Waterboy, and you have some obvious ripping off going on. But these two have completely different premises. I'd pick Forrest Gump, but they're both great movies.

Benjamin Button is a shallow, dull movie that caused me mild irritation. I know I didn't like it, but I've mostly forgotten anything that happened in it. Forrest Gump, on the other hand, seriously irritated me and I can still remember with reasonable clarity specific reasons why despite having last seen it over ten years ago.

Benjamin Button had a good idea but was too long and boring. Forrest Gump was amazing.

Gump is the better all around film but I enjoyed both.

I enyoed Button much more than Gump.


The enjoyment factor gives the win to Button.

Yeah, Button is a lot better. Forrest is too cartoonish and over-the-top; it dilutes the message and the emotion of it (plus, who can take Tom Hanks seriously in that flick after Tropic Thunder?). Button was much more subtle and restrained, and Pitt was awesome

How exactly are these two movies identical? Seriously, I don't understand.

The Clod Case of Benjamin Boring. That's all there is to say, since Forrest Gump has a more interesting concept and execution.

I completely agree about the Curious Case of Benjamin Boring. Of course Gump is a bit over the top, but it is a classic!

I thought that Benjamin was trying to be like Forrest Gump. The one with Tom Hanks wins by a landslide.

Forrest Gump is better because it is original

Both movies are high quality, but Button is simply too slow to be considered greater than Gump.

Ben Button.

Gump wins in all categories, I'm not saying Benjamin Button was bad, it was good but no Forest Gump

Gump wins in all categories, I'm not saying Benjamin Button was bad, it was good but no Forest Gump

Button. I need to see it again, but I'd say that it's better in this matchup.

I don't quite get how Button was ripping off Gump so egregiously. Anyway...I have to choose Gump simply because I've known and loved it for longer. Button tugged at the heartstrings, though. I thought it was very well done, though perhaps could have been a bit shorter.

Benny B.

Benjamin button of course tries to emulate Gump. Tom Hanks wins by a landslide.

They're pretty similar, with the big difference being the tone that's taken (and of course, there's a different director and actors). For the people wondering why Gump and Button are called the same movie, I suggest reading this:

Agree with Protozoid.

Forrest is leaps and bounds better than Button....

Forrest for sure, although I actually happen to love Benny B.

Both very good and very similar, but Gump is better.

Benjamin Button is a masterpiece. Forest Gump is a great movie

Neither of these films really work for me. However, Forrest Gump at least has charm and a likable protagonist in Tom Hanks. It's too bad that the rest of the film is just a big, dumb, cheeseball schmaltz fest with no meaningful themes or story whatsoever. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on the other hand, is a boring, bloated piece of sappy drivel with an underdeveloped, uninteresting protagonist. For as dumb as Forrest Gump is, I at least understood its title character well. With Curious, I felt no connection whatsoever to Brad Pitt, and I honestly don't know how to describe him even after seeing his entire life unfold.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button>Forrest Gump


Forrest Gump has the charm and Hanks performance outclasses Brad Pitt.

Curious Case is an odd film. I adored it while watching it (and actually thought it went by quickly). Then I ended and I said "what the hell?". The main character is too passive, the message is just "dying sucks, deal with it" without any further insight, the last 15 mins has a massive and quite disappointing plot hole and seriously, why is it told primarily in flashbacks and what was that hurricane about? Okay hurriances in North America moves counter clockwise. Suits the message but the story? Forrest Gump wins easily here!

When I watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, I can really sense some Forrest Gump vibe there. The protagonist. The heroine. Even the ship. Though I agreed with previous comment that Forrest Gump is more interesting


The enduring charm of Forrest Gump has lead me to a greater appreciation of this film. The easy winner Gump is a classic.