Forrest Gump vs. Pulp Fiction



HOnestly the toughest one so far

I love Forrest Gump, but Oscar got it wrong. Pulp Fiction wins this matchup!

these are all guy movies

Much like 1977's Star Wars vs Annie Hall, this was one of Oscar's big gaffes. Pulp Fiction was unquestionably the Best Picture.

I love Forrest Gump. But Pulp Fiction is the better movie.

I also concur, Forrest Gump is good...but...Pulp Fiction is Cool, Good and so many many many great scenes.


I personally prefer both Pulp Fiction AND Shawshank Redemption to Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump is still great, though.

Pulp Fiction just didn't click with me. Admittedly, I haven't seen it in a decade, but it just left a very strong "blah" impression with me. Gump is great. Now, Gump vs. Shawshank...then I'd have a harder time.

battle of the soundtracks.

Forrest Gump is a terrific movie there is no doubt about it. However Forrest Gump gets old after a while and it fails to resinate with you the way Pulp Fiction does. Now let it be established, Pulp Fiction is a masterpiece. The writing is phenomenal, and it's not like the writing is really good every once in a while, it's like every single sentence every conversation was well written. Don't even get me started!

I'm sorry, but to me Forrest Gump is overrated, and out of the three battling films that year, it was the weakest by a landslide. Easily Pulp.

Love Gump. First movie I remember seeing in the theater that I just didn't want to end. Like Pulp Fiction a lot...just not enough...

I love, love, love Forrest Gump. But...Pulp Fiction is just the better film- plain and simple.

I have seen Forrest Gump more times and more recently, and it is such a classic, but I have to go with Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction was life changing for me. I knew nothing about greatness until I saw Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction simply has too many scenes that are blah.

i dont like FG... PF WINS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pulp Fiction is absolutely phenomenal, it should've been a tight race between Shawshank and Pulp for the Best Picture Oscar.

My two favorites of 1994: Pulp Fiction barely comes on top in this battle simply for amazing directing and writing

The one that won Best Picture vs the one that should have won Best Picture.

Forrest Gump is just a beautiful masterpiece and did take the best Picture oscar that year, but I believe that Pulp Fiction should've won it....

Run Forrest Run. Run away with Pulp Fiction's stolen Oscar.

Forrest Gump is my 9th favourite film, but Pulp Fiction is my 8th. Love both.

Pulp Fiction wins it should have beat Forrest Gump for Best Picture in 1994 but not against Shawshank

One of the most heated comparisons forces me to make a choice on Flickchart. Two great directors each deliver arguably their best films. I'm a big fan of Pulp Fiction but I think Forrest Gump is the better film.

Pulp Fiction. No Contest

Gump never did anything for me. Pulp Fiction easily.

Forrest Gump was great but Pulp Fiction is AWESOME!!!

Not even close, Pulp Fiction is so much better

Pulp Fiction all the way.

I'm switching to Forrest Gump. At least, anything happens there.

Pulp Fiction, although both are in my top 10.

I have never commented until now. Both are top 20 worthy flicks, 1994 Best Picture Nominated, quotable, and unique. I prefer Forrest Gump because it made me feel evey emotion and has the heart pulp fiction lacks.

Pulp Fiction yeah pulp fiction wins

Forrest Gump because of the moral values...

I am gonna decision Forrest Gump wins

forrest gump is pretty great, but pulp fiction's screenplay is phenomenal


The Oscars gave the best film that year to Forrest Gump but Pulp Fiction was more deserving of the prize.

Pulp Fiction>Forrest Gump

Pulp Fiction all the way!!!

Some folks are born made to wave the flag. Ooh, they're red, white and blue

Definitely Pulp Fiction.

Forrest gump is an excellent movie but can't matchup with pulp fiction. So never say what in front of pulp fiction and Jules

Pulp Fiction stomps imo

Gump flows much nicer and is better paced, but Pulp is better from a writing, directing, and acting standpoint. Pulps beats Gump, but only by a little.

Got to disagree with the Academy on this. Pulp Fiction is the Best Picture of 1994.

On second thought Pulp Fiction.

possibly one of the biggest snubs in academy history. (pulp fiction)