Forrest Gump vs. The Terminal



Tom vs. Tom.... I like The Terminal, but Gump is timeless

Man, this is a tough one

This is really hard. Hanks is great in both of these but I think Forrest Gump is the better movie.

Two movies featuring Tom Hanks in a blank white space on the cover. But The Terminal is but a mere shadow of the awesomeness of Forrest Gump. (You can resay that less stupidly if you'd like.)

I absolutely adored The Terminal, but, as others have said - it has to be Gump.


Loved The Terminal, but I too am choosing Forrest Gump.

Wow.. This is by far the most difficult decision

thought terminal was alright, Forrest gump on the other hand is one of my favorites

Forrest Gump is good I guess but The Terminal is golden

Terminal was great but it has to be Gump

Both are very simplistic films meant to cater towards the mainstream with their overly sanguine, schmaltzy tones, and their "bumbling idiot changes people's lives" fantasy. With that said though, I just found The Terminal less pretentious and more fun. Forrest Gump seems to pat itself on the back over how profound and meaningful it thinks it is the whole time(which it honestly really isn't) whereas The Terminal just seems a little more humble about how it's a simple film with broad, simple themes like perseverance, love, and fighting for what you believe in. The Terminal is also much funnier and better directed and it has Catherine Zeta-Jones in it, 'nuff said.