Friday the 13th Part III vs. Jason X



I like the older Friday the 13th movies better. Although Jason X does have perhaps Jason's best kill (liquid nitrogen is involved).

Even though about 1,000,000 people hate this movie, I really enjoyed it. Now please don't grab your torches and pitchforks and find out where I live. It's only my opinion!

Oh darn, I forgot! I was talking about Jason X! But no matter what, I like part 3 better.

I also like the older Friday the 13th movies. Part 6 is my absolute favorite; Rambo Jason has a soft spot in my heart. Jason X was a horrible piece of garbage. Part 3 had some really cheesy, but enjoyable, 3D effects. That eye-popping scene is real hilarious. Part 3D gets my vote, but Jason beating the slut out of two naked women that are in sleeping bags is always a great plus.

The franchise went downhill right after the first one. I agree with every other comment so far that FRIDAY THE 13th, PART 3 is better than the horrible JASON X. It's nice to see that people are still just as stupid in the future as they were in the 1970's.

Close, but ultimately I'm going with Jason X. Part 3 is the most overrated entry in the series.

Jason X. But neither are remotely memorable...

FT13th III has many iconic moments. Jason X has the nitrogen smash kill. FT13th III is better.

Jason X is by far the worst in the series so number 3 it is

Jason X is so over the top and ridiculous that it is actually great.

Jason X is so bad...that the utter crap known as Friday the 13th Part 3 beats it.

I kinda of loathes Part III, but it still beats X.

Neither are good. Three wins

I actually really enjoy Part 3. I like the setting, the final girl, and the fact that Jason gets his hockey mask. It is probably my 3rd favorite in the series so it beats Jason X quite easily.