A Good Day to Die Hard vs. Terminator Salvation



The two worst in their franchise. These movies are absolutely atrocious.

Terminator Salvation may be bad (although I liked it enough), but A Good Day to Die Hard took badness to a whole new level.

No, see, one just doesn't measure up to its predecessors. The other one just shits all over them. At least I can say Salvation kinda feels like a Terminator movie. I don't know WHAT the fuck A Good Day to Die Hard was. If you take McClane out of the equation and pretend it's a "This is the End"-style shindig where Bruce is doing a parody of himself, then it's fun enough. But the guy he's playing isn't McClane, at all.

T4 is ok while Die Hard 5 is really bad!


Terminator Salvation missed the mark but A Good Day to Die Hard is a series killer.

Good Day makes Salvation look good