The 39 Steps vs. The Lady Vanishes



Hitch's best British films, in my opinion. I give 39 Steps the vote just because I think the pacing is better- Lady, while wonderful, bogs down a bit in the third act.

Two solid older Hitchcocks. I prefer The 39 Steps because it's well paced and doesn't have as many flaws as The Lady Vanishes. The latter is also a good film, though.

The 39 Steps for me. The ending is great (I thank you!), the central relationship is sexier, and it's more fun all round.

Two of my favorite Hitchcock movies. Robert Donat is fantastic in the 39 Steps and the story is slightly stronger than The Lady Vanishes but the latter is a little crazier and more fun.

I love the concept behind The Lady Vanishes, but as someone else mentioned after we figure the mystery out it becomes less interesting. The 39 Steps keeps it going all the way through and ends fantastically.

Wow, Hitchcock's best two British films for sure. As much as I love the cricket obsessed fools and basically everything in Lady Vanishes, the 39 Steps is more engaging. It's the pre-curser to North by Northwest.

Loved both, but I'm gonna give the slight edge to The Lady Vanishes.

I thought The Lady Vanishes was far superior to The 39 Steps.

Very tough. The Lady Vanishes takes forever to get things rolling. The first 30 minutes tested my patience, but I appreciated this introduction of characters by the end of the film. The 39 Steps is more engaging from start to finish, but for me… The Lady Vanishes has a better payoff in the end. Going with TLV for now. Still very close though: Currently #83 vs #72.

It's very hard to choose between these two. I love the plot and ensemble cast of The Lady Vanishes (particularly the two English men trying to get back for the cricket) but I'm going to go with The 39 Steps. The plot is just as good, Donat gives a great lead performance and I prefer its slightly faster pacing over TLV.

The Lady Vanishes is far superior indeed.