Beowulf vs. Batman



Easy choice, Beowulf was just so bad.

match-up number 15,000: I was never that crazy about Tim Burton's Batman, but Beowulf was weak.

Well, technically Beowulf and Batman are both epic heroes, so it would come down to the simple fact that the statitics will show that Batman, unable to kill and beowulf, too slow and midevil would come to a standstill and after running 10,000 simulations batman and beowuld will ulitmately break even.

After re-doing the calculations, it has been determined the winner is Xavier Billingsley.

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Seriously ^

Actually, I'd have to disagree with you @supbruh, Beowulf is obviously the victor. Batman has the assistance of firearms, modern gadgets, and nearly invulnerable vehicles, as well as a suit of armor. Even with this, Batman fails to complete all of his tasks at hand, and cant finish, like when he crashed in front of the joker. He folds under pressure, while Beowulf finishes the job, 3 times; Grendel, Grendel's Mother, and the dragon, with some good old fashioned know how with a broadsword. But i will check into that novel, sounds like a decent read...

listen , I believe both good films both very important, but its not about who is the better hero, its whats the better film, and I believe batman has, maybe it time this batman may get lost in the film mash because of the newer ones and Beowulf will become a new classic, but as of right now I believe batman is a classic and is my pick with great performances and very good story that harks back to original comics and is the best of the series (Burton/ schomoker series)

Both are technically well-made, visually exquisite movies that happen to fall short on the storytelling side of things. With that said though, Batman easily wins due to its better acting, better atmosphere, more consistent pace, cleverer dialogue, more epic score, and just overall being better structured and written. While it has been somewhat overshadowed by Chris Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, it still has its place as a classic in the genre. Who the fuck is talking about Beowulf now?