Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind vs. The Truman Show



on 7/30/2009

carreys two finest i'd say. probably largely down to the directing and writing, and the fact that he wasn't being a complete cunt on screen. eternal outstrips though


on 10/4/2009

Dumb and Dumber is my favorite Carrey movie but these two movies are his best acting performances. Truman Show is an underrated movie but I still have to go with Eternal Sunshine.

on 12/9/2009

The Truman Show is better in concept, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in execution.

on 12/16/2009

Wow this is tough. Probably two of Jim Carrey's best films ever. Spotless Mind barely edges out

on 2/21/2010

I agree that these are Carrey's 2 best films. I remember really connecting with The Truman Show when it first came out, but I haven't seen it since then. I have a feeling that it won't have aged well. Going w/Eternal Sunshine.

on 3/13/2010

Yes, this are two of Jim Carrey's best movies, but I prefer Eternak Sunshine

on 5/11/2010

yes, these two are absolutely Jim Carrey's best performances. Eternal Sunshine wins in my opinion though, not by much, but it does.


on 7/26/2010

Among the few Jim Carrey's movies I like. In fact, I love these two movies. For now, I'm going with Truman Show, mostly for its entertaining concept. I also found it easier to get into from the get-go.

on 11/6/2010

The portrayal of human emotion was very well-captured in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and more over the artistic functionality of the film was terrific. You could tell that the director was passionate about making this film. The Truman Show had a great story but it can't trump Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

on 1/2/2011

Two of my all time favourite movies. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them and have a hard time deciding between them. Both are wonderful concepts, both are well filmed and acted. I guess for no particular reason, The Truman Show is marginally ahead. I have a soft spot for it. But both are equally nice :)

on 1/2/2011

Eternal Sunshine gets better with each viewing, but The Truman Show, I saw 3 times in the cinema in one week. I was,and still am head over heels in love with that film.

on 3/15/2011

Wow, this one's difficult for a true Carrey Fan. Both excellent performances. I think I'll have to go with Gondry's Eternal Sunshine... Even though I love love love The Truman Show also.

on 7/26/2011

Eternal Sunshine wins for me.

on 7/26/2011

Two of my top 22 on flickchart. Sunshine eeks it out...because we can all relate trying to escape heartbreak.

on 7/19/2012

Where have you gone Jim Carrey? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

on 11/26/2012

Eternall Sunshine is the best movie more original best acting, best execution

on 5/12/2013

Truman Show was shocking, inspiring and amazing. Such a clever film. Eternal Sunshine seemed cluttered. Truman Show wins

on 6/23/2013

With reality television programming now such a big part of popular culture (lamentably), The Truman Show looks less like a movie and more like a prophecy for what was to come. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind can't compete with that. Cue the sun!

on 6/23/2013

I could barely make it through Eternal Sunshine and the praise really baffles me, considering the number of top-ten-of-the-decade lists it has topped. There's this firm where you can erase your memories of past relationships and... ? That's it? That's your concept? This shit ain't Inception, even from the working and execution of a premise with obvious complications standpoint. I do think The Truman Show was way ahead of its time but let's face it... nothing could've really prepared us for Kim Kardashian and Jersey Shore.

on 7/31/2013

Truman Show is Carrey's best performance.

on 8/1/2013

I adore The Truman Show. Eternal Sunshine is great, but Truman wins.

on 12/21/2013


on 12/28/2013

nice matchup. Truman though

on 1/12/2014

Eternal Sunshine is what I would say but I need to re-watch The Truman Show.

on 1/16/2014

The Truman Show seemed to be more about making a point, whereas Eternal Sunshine was more of an emotional roller coaster, and incredibly human in concept. Going with Eternal Sunshine, but if you ask me tomorrow I'll probably say The Truman Show..

on 1/16/2014

Eternal Sunshine wins

on 3/13/2014

Eternal Sunshine.

on 6/4/2014

Eternal Sunshine might just be my favorite Jim Carry film

on 11/3/2014

Woah this is tough. I think I'll go with Eternal Sunshine but it's incredibly close.

on 11/3/2014

Jim Carrey's best films - by far! Both are fantastic but I prefer Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

on 3/20/2015

Both these movies have great original concept and have the 2 best Jim Carrey performance. I am siding with eternal sunshine.

on 3/20/2015

Definitely Truman Show

on 8/8/2015

Jim Carrey is better in Eternal Sunshine and I think it;s definitely the better more thought provoking film. It took a while for me to get into The Truman Show, but I ended up enjoying it. Still this is really no contest for me.

on 3/5/2016

James Bartholomew Carey, where have you gone?

on 8/3/2016

Truman Show for better pacing, world-building, and less pretentiousness

on 8/9/2016

Despite the majority's opinion, I think Truman Show is better.

on 8/10/2016

Hated eternal sunshine! I like truman show though

on 9/22/2016

Hmmm..... it's drama versus romance. For Sunshine being the best romance movie I've ever seen, I'll give it the win. Altho truman's pretty dang good too.... quite tough.

on 4/15/2017

These are my two favorite movies starring Jim Carrey. Even though his best performance is probably Man on the Moon, these are just his best movies in general.

on 3/19/2018

esotsm by far.

on 3/20/2018

The Truman Show>Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


on 3/20/2018

Two great films but Eternal Sunshine is a special kind of great.

on 5/9/2018

Both in my top 20 of all time, but Eternal is in my top 5.


on 5/9/2018

Eternal over Truman but love them both.