Wallace & Gromit in A Close Shave vs. Wallace & Gromit in The Wrong Trousers



These two are the best of the original three Wallace & Gromit short films. But while A Close Shave is absolutely hysterical, I don't think Aardman quite matched the insanity of The Wrong Trousers. Man, I love these films.

I haven't watched Wallace and Gromit in a LONG time, but I remember loving them. Personally I remember liking The Wrong Trousers better, but maybe if I rewatch them now I might have a different opinion.

Two classics - I'm a wrong trousers man myself, not sure anything will ever beat the penguin in 'disguise'.

These two are both better than A Grand Day Out. And both are great shorts, but The Wrong Trousers wins this based mostly on the amazing toy train chase scene. It never fails to impress me when Gromit starts laying out the track in front of him in frenzied fashion.

The Wrong Trousers is absolutely brilliant, and A Close shave is very good as well...

I think the diabolical penguin is a slightly better villain than the yarn thief, but only just. Both are brilliant.

Yes, Wrong Trousers is better. The climactic toy train chase with milk-bottle finish is class.

I love A Close Shave -- the montage of Wallace and the sheep following Gromit's trial via newspaper is a real gut-buster -- but Wrong Trousers is more focused. And I agree with HillJackBob: I find both of these substantially more interesting than A Grand Day Out. Perhaps because there's a villain/more conflict?

Good comparison. Love them both, but going to go with The Wrong Trousers; the best of the original three, the funniest of the original three, and brilliant stop-motion animation the kind of which Nick Park and Aardman have championed for over 20 years. Still, A Close Shave is still a fantastic film.

A Close Shave is good but The Wrong Trousers is superior.

Going with The Wrong Trousers even though A Close Shave is great.