I Feel Pretty vs. Shallow Hal



They did describe I Feel Pretty as being the feminine version of Shallow Hal...

*Clears throat*. It was inevitable that these two movies were going to face off here on FlickChart so here we go. I hated Shallow Hall. It's not funny and never stays true to its message. Inner beauty over outer beauty and yet it spends 2 hours making fun of fat and ugly people? It doesn't even play by its own rules. Isn't the spell only supposed to work on ugly or fat women? If so, why does he see some guys as good looking when they're actually ugly? Oh, for the sake of the joke, right. Anyway, I honestly gained appreciation for Shallow Hal in the last 5 months because of how terrible I Feel Pretty is. I Feel Pretty fails as a film, as a comedy and as a feminist empowerment thing. The only way it could've slightly worked is if during the scenes where Amy Schumar thought she was good looking she was replaced by a GOOD LOOKING actress. The film probably would've still sucked but at least it may have been amusing. Instead we have the finish result. Amy Schumar embarrassing herself by thinking she's hot when everyone else knows she isn't. Aren't we suppose to be following the main character? If so why don't we see the character for how she sees herself? Shallow Hal is bad but I've learnt to accept the one aspect of having a good looking actress play someone ugly (or vise versa) while he's under the spell because US THE AUDIENCE ARE FOLLOWING THE CHARACTER. If I Feel Pretty was a feminine version then why didn't it take notes?


Amy Schumar is I Feel Pretty's saving grace but Shallow Hal is more entertaining.