Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style vs. Police Academy: Mission to Moscow



Yikes! Saved By the Bell: Hawaiian style might have signaled the death knell of the original cast of the popular teen sitcom, but at least their core players bothered to show up. Mission to Moscow was so bad that it even made the few decent actors who bothered to show up (like poor Ron Perlman) seem terrible just for being in it. Nevermind the fact that they somehow managed to push out this steaming pile as the third Guttenberg-less movie, even the affection I deeply hold for George Gaynes' lovable Commandant Lassard couldn't save a movie that seemed like it was made as a boondoggle for the Russian film industry. Even more shocking is that the movie was directed by Alan Metter of Back to School fame, turning in one of the poorest films for which he was ever behind the camera. It's really REALLY bad when a TV movie that had Dustin Diamond pushing for an above-the-card spot handily defeats part of a stories comedy franchise. I really wish Police Academy could have a do-over to wash the bad taste from my mouth that Mission to Moscow left, because all I've tasted since has been rotten potatoes.