Scream 3 vs. Scream




Hey, stop laughing at yourself.

The first, obviously.

I don't get the hate for Scream 3, but it's still clearly the first one.

The original. I didn't hate 3...but realistically...this ain't close.

I think the first as very clever but still imperfect, then the saga and even Craven himself as a director just went worse and worse : he stopped caring about cinema, just tried again and again to make false teen philosophy.

I don't even need a brain to decide


I liked Scream 3, but the first Scream was a really unique gem.

We need to quarantine the first person to pick 3. And the second, and third, and so on.

Scream 3 is complete dogcrap. It's hard to think of anything that works in the movie, and it's such a mess up on every level it's amazing. The amount of plot holes, character assassination, and everyone being an moron for plot, with humor so bad I got some flashbacks to Ghostbusters 2016. Of course Scream 1 wins, it's the opposite of 3, almost everything works for it, it's funny, scary, got great characters, and it a love letter to slasher movies as a whole. Far, far, FAR better then the garbage of Scream 3.