The King's Speech vs. Les Misérables



Well, how appropriate. I believe that The King's Speech was a triumph, but I also believe that Les Miserables was a game changer! Les Miserables will stay with me much longer than Speech.

I think King's Speech was probably a slightly better movie in terms of pacing and the technical aspects of filmmaking. But I was already a huge fan of the musical Les Miserables (as well as the novel and the Liam Neeson musical) and it moved me more. I didn't buy Speech on DVD, despite loving it in theaters -- there's no way I won't buy Les Mis.

And yes, I'm aware that Speech is still slightly higher in my rankings. Like I said, I think it may be a better film. I expect for Les Mis to rise on my chart after further viewings, though. One thing's for certain: Tom Hooper has found a true fan in yours truly.

Tom Hooper is a genius, and he respected the novel immensely. I love the images and the beauty in every shot. Les Miserables held up the second time, and actually I found myself enjoying it even more. Jackman is superb!

Two grand films that Tom Hooper should be very proud of. I knew nothing about Les Mis going in but that probably led to me enjoying it even more. Love the performances and the message and its greatness even outshines King's Speech.

Both are extremely overrated IMO.

Both are great films, and Tom Hooper clearly knows how to get the best out of an ensemble cast. I must confess that I am not a huge fan of Les Mis having seen the stage musical for the first time this christmas, but despite carrying the problems which were intrinsic to the original story (such as the tedious, uninteresting love triangle), the film is able to take advantage of added spectacle and emotional intensity offered by the many perspectives of film unavailable to the stage musica (sweeping camera pans and close ups on characters) Consequently i preferred the film. But I enjoy TKS more as i find the story more interesting.

With these films and The Damned United, I have no doubt that Tom Hooper is a really good director. However, I do feel that Hooper did a better with the King's Speech, as he completely took out sentimentality and the pace was a bit better.

Les Miserables

Les Mis offered a more powerful dramatic experience. But The King's Speech is consistently solid throughout. Still, Les Miserables wins out.

Lots of people criticized Les Miserables for being too melodramatic and having an ugly color palette. All I can say is Les Miserables is one of the best films I've seen in the past few years. Critics translate any movie that is serious without being quirkily funny into melodramatic, and the color palette is ugly on purpose; it reflects the lives of its main characters.

Les Misérables is way better and more moving.


The King's Speech over the messy and overlong Les Miserables.

Les Mis is the best musical adaptation of our lifetime.