You Only Live Twice vs. The Living Daylights



Hmm, sort of a tough one. I really enjoy Dalton's bond films, but You Only Live twice has the introduction of Blofeld, and though it isn't one of Connery's best, it's still a solid bond outing.

The Living Daylights. Sean Connery is so damn uninvolved / bored in YOLT. Say what you want about George Lazenby not being a great actor, but at least he was TRYING. Connery clearly didn't give a shit. With that said though, You Only Live Twice is pretty okayish. In some aspects it's "so-bad-it's-good" when you think about it. A satellite "eating" spaceships, a hidden volcano base, Bond as a Japanese man (which was ultimately completely pointless), a fake lake, trapdoors everywhere, it's all ridiculous but fun. But The Living Daylights is better.

Neither one gets the credit they deserve, but I've gotta go with Japanese Sean Connery.

The Living Daylights easily wins this one. Sean usually has amazing performances as Bond, but his iffy performance in this film is not as great as Dalton's in TLD.