Drag Me to Hell vs. Evil Dead



Vomit gags: not scary now, not scary ever. (Or entertaining, for that matter.) I guess I'll go with Drag Me to Hell, even though I pretty much despise it, because at least in that case I get to look at the adorable Justin Long sometimes. Evil Dead doesn't even manage to rise to that base level, despite having Shiloh Fernandez in the lead.

Evil Dead is fantastic

Evil Dead is BAAAD. Yeah, the one without the "the." I guess Drag Me To Hell was funny here and there, but it still pales in comparison to the Evil Dead trilogy. Not even remotely as funny or as entertaining, and the bad acting is plainly bad. Not really tough to beat that cursed remake though. It's just cliché for the sake of cliché and there's not really any spoof or any funny moments. That possessed goat is more than enough to pick DMtH here.

Easy win for Drag Me To Hell...