Cape Fear vs. Taxi Driver



Taxi Driver Vs. Cape Fear is pretty brutal. Knee jerk reaction is Taxi Driver but I think about how much my love of Cape Fear has grown through the years. Have to go with Cape Fear. But if it was King of Comedy Vs. Cape Fear - King of Comedy all the way.

DeNiro Scorsese is another great team. Taking Taxi Driver here though.

Taxi Driver wins every time this pair comes up, but it's always close.

Cape Fear is one of Scorsese's worst.

Cape Fear is only good for Robert De Niro's performance. Taxi Driver is in a different league and relies not only on De Niro.

No question Taxi Driver. Cape Fear isn't very good unfortunately....

I like both a lot. But Taxi Driver is a masterpiece.

Enjoyed both, but Taxi Driver is in a different league to Cape Fear and wins easily.

I agree with most comments above. I thought Cape Fear was a good film, but it was mostly carried by De Niro's performance. Whereas Taxi Driver is a masterpiece that is practically flawless.

Agree with the comments above. De Niro gives a great performance in both but Taxi Driver is a great film!

Taxi Driver might be the better film, but I personally enjoy Cape Fear much more. It rates higher on my flickchart so I guess it wins over Taxi Driver for me.