The Adjustment Bureau vs. The Great Escape



Has to be The Great Escape. I did enjoy The Adjustment Bureau, but the hats were ridiculous.

You got a problem with Fedoras and Trilbies? You don't want this war.

No, I have a problem with magical hats. Why do you want to go to war over a hat?

I was being farcical, mayn.

Fair enough, I apologize for not seeing you weren't serious. I do want to point out I wasn't angry, just confused.

Wait...Team Fortress 2?

I might be missing something again MysticSpoon, what do you mean?

I saw your conversation about hat wars, so I immediately thought of Team Fortress 2. It's a FPS. You can buy and trade hats in that game. Some are more valuable or "better" than others. That's why I brought up Team Fortress 2 as a joke.

Oh, okay never played Team Fortress 2, the joke went over my head. :)

Ha! I honestly didn't think of that MysticSpoon, probably should have done. So anyway, The Adjustment Bureau was an enjoyable flick with a lot of promise, but I feel like it bottles it a bit with the ending; too rushed and too cliched. I would probably be a lot more harsh on it were it not for Thomas Newman's suitably melancholy score pushing the film along and Matt Damon and Emily Blunt's satisfyingly abundant on-screen chemistry (I am not usually a fan of Emily Blunt, and while I like Matt Damon more than most, he's not really a "romantic lead" in my eyes). Had the couple been less convincing, the film would most likely have fallen flat, for while the concept is interesting, I couldn't help but find myself questioning logic on several occasions (though I popped out of the room briefly so I may have missed something). The Great Escape is still a quintessential WWII classic, prime Christmas-time viewing and utterly unflappable, so it wins without question.

The hats were dumb, and I WILL go to war over that shit. The Adjustment Bureau reminded a bit of In Time - they both have an interesting first half that's overwhelmed by a retarded second half. Yeah, The Great Escape obviously wins.

The Adjustment Bureau is decent, if it has too pat and trite an ending, but it's up against one of the best war movies ever made. Not all that close.