The Babadook vs. The Conjuring



Boy...both are very good. I'll give the Conjuring the edge due to the better effects. But both are solid horror.

I liked The Conjuring much better. The Babadook wasn't bad, but it was much more like a family drama than it was a horror film. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it depends on what you're expecting, but I didn't like it.

Both were legitimately unnerving. I'll take The Conjuring though.

Some of the best horror flicks of the past few years. While the Conjuring was more fun to watch, I've gotta give it to The Babadook for creeping me out more. Great filmmaking on both directors' parts.

Both supernatural horror films, both directed by Aussies, released a year apart. I really enjoyed both of them, I thought they were both well-made, but I'll go with The Babadook because Essie Davis is just incredible in it.

Two unnerving movies about families haunted by monsters that turn women against their children, and featuring two superb female performances. The Conjuring scared the shit out of me—THAT FUCKING DOLL—at times making me weep in terror, which might be part of why I prefer The Babadook. A family drama with horror elements, where the supernatural threat is largely a metaphor for grief and mental illness, is much more my cup of tea than a straightforward scarefest. Still, I gotta say the child actors in The Conjuring were a lot better than the kid in The Babadook, who was super annoying and not terribly convincing in the more emotional scenes. Essie Davis made up for him, though.

The Conjuring was pretty good, but I expected a way better movie. I thought it was gonna be scarier, but it kinda of failed in that aspect to be honest. Still, it was pretty interesting and well-crafted. The Babadook was an awful cliché-ridden spookfest. It sucks in every possible way, so yeah, that's a pretty easy one for me. Conjuring wasn't really all that hard to get through. Babadook was a pain in the ass with annoying acting. Gosh, kill that kid for god's sake.