The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance vs. For a Few Dollars More



on 10/3/2012

Two of the best Westerns ever made, but totally different from each other. This is a tough one.

on 11/30/2013

When it comes to westerns, the Eastwood/Leone duo is pretty fucking unbeatable. For a Few Dollars More, for the win.

on 11/13/2014

The Duke and Jimmy Stewart trump Clint everyday and twice on Sunday.

on 11/13/2014

Liberty Valence is a movie most people haven't seen. It's a great one

on Feb 21

John Wayne was a douchebag, but there's still a lot of works made by douchebag people that I admire. Like H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. And being so, I have to admit that Wayne was pretty great in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, which is a masterpiece by itself. But I felt like it's too square. Really, not too many American westerns seem to stand out. They're kind of always the same thing. Leone's westerns, on the other hand, are pretty awesome. For a Few Dollars More is probably my least favourite out of the Dollars Trilogy, but it's still so awesome and memorable that it's pretty up there in my chart. I'll take Eastwood over Wayne pretty much any day of the week, thank you.